Tameron was born and raised in Tennessee and has always cherished history and her southern roots. Surrounded by interesting characters her entire life, she found herself inspired by their stories, each one sparking her imagination, blooming within her a desire to create stories of her own.

She entered the music business in the realm of music publishing and artist development. Fast forward eight years and looking for a change, she began co-creating concepts and treatments for recording artists. Eventually, Tameron found herself on the set of music videos and commercials and was soon pulled into the world of production, completely hooked after her first job.

Every production became a new, exhilarating experience of challenges and rewards. Tameron loved working with other creatives and being a part of bringing stories to life from concept to final product. She’s been an intricate part of numerous award-winning music videos, commercials, worldwide concert events, and documentaries. Her valuable experience is sought after by production companies and directors alike.

Tameron still delights in art of all forms, endlessly inspired by her mother’s love of music and the unforgettable works of David Lean, Milos Forman, and the storytelling genius of Steven Spielberg.

She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee but is always ready to pack a bag and set off on a new adventure.